Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Should the pants come off?

Never has one small blog caused such a stir. I've had numerous comments about the pic of Jim's pants on this site ranging from "I came over all peculiar" (Rachel), "they put me right off my Weetabix" (Anna) and "Yuk" (Martha) to "Is Jim available to model my 2007 collection?" (Calvin Klein).

So it's up to you, dear readers. Should I remove the offending green garment from these pages?

In other matters, No Name's name has now been officially changed to Beguiledy. I think that was Problemwalrus's suggestion but unless he reaveals himself (hopefully not wearing vile green Y-fronts), I am unable to reward him with his sherbert dipdab. She seems to quite like it but then she'll answer to anything if I have a tin of Whiskas in my hand.

This stable now has two volunteers for the People's Race (a name so nauseating it could only have been thought up by our idiotic Prime Minister) at Aintree. Gemma has put in a bid to ride Millyjean and a mysterious amateur by the name of P. Walrus has been eyeing up our Liverpool specialist Jack Dawson, though I fear six furlongs may be too sharp for him. If they change the rules and extend it to two miles and throw in a set of hurdles, you should be fine, PW.


annabananna said...

Get it off! The photo, not the pants that is!!!

fiddlerselbow said...

Au contrie,more pants please!
(not jim's though)

babybop said...

Here here, more pants please!

problemwalrus said...

Not sure whether to go for the dipdab or remain a sherbetless enigma.Pleased that you like Beguiledy.If I had a cat thats what I'd call it, but my wife doesn't think we could have a cat as the dog might eat it.

Signorinetta said...

Sherbertless Enigma is a great name for a racehorse. Perhaps one by Lemon Drop Kid from a mare by the Western Australian-based Bletchley Park (for all fans of Robert Harris)