Friday, January 19, 2007

Good day sunshine

Better not say it too loudly but the fierce winds seem to have gone after wreaking yet more havoc with fences and gates. I guess we're the lucky ones though as we're still all in one piece.

The sun was a welcome visitor on a day that could not have started better. Panto and I had the privilege of accompanying Matilda (Diktat 2yo) on her first canter up Warren Hill and her trainer managed not to fall off today. Actually that's unfair as John's one of the most confident and natural riders I've seen on horseback and the incident the other day was just one of those things with a young, inexperienced horse. She's now got her confidence back and loves striding out with Panto (pictured in the parade ring at Lingfield recently), who is an absolutely perfect lead horse.

So I've packed John off to the wonderful Katrina who has sorted my back out on a number of occasions and will hopefully work some magic on the poor, aching 40-year-old. Despite being slighly under the weather he has still insisted on riding out three the last two days. He never stops working and it's nice to hear that John's website has had a favourable mention on the Betfair Forum.

Great to see Joolzy shaping up well at Benalla this morning, Joff. I'm sure John will go into greater detail on the brave mare's comeback.

PS. I'm looking for more pictures of pants as requested by the (I'm assuming) girls on the most recents postings. Any submissions gratefully received as long as they're not from John, Jim or Gerry. I've got two pairs of Snoopy knickers which I'm secretly proud of but I don't feel ready to share.

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easygoer2 said...

Perhaps you could organise some sort of staff photo shoot. It perhaps wouldn't be fair to ask Martha to take part, but some shots of David and Jim enjoying some social intercourse in their Y-fronts would be a remarkable sight. If Jim were to baulk at the idea, all you'd have to do would be to suggest that he close his eyes and think of Gerry.