Friday, November 24, 2006

The Delatite dilemma

I had hoped to bring my readers (of which I have more than John) who enjoy the odd culinary tip every now and then a delicious recipe from Mansfield, Victoria: namely Mr Ritchie's chutney.

Having been advised by Fenella that her father-in-law is often spotted toting a shotgun to rid the Delatite station of any unwanted snakes, I thought it unwise to approach the chutney maestro for fear of not making it back to dear old Blighty in one piece. It was bad enough that Mrs Ritchie made me twice venture across a rickety rope bridge with a sheer 300ft (ok, 3ft) drop and even worse that Joff, my 'Man of the Mo' (see managed to capture my cautious meanderings on camera (above).

Anyway, safely back I am and for those of you who feel the site has been lacking vital recipe pointers, it's not long now until I embark on my annual Christmas chutney-making fest. I'll show those Ritchies a thing or two. Stay tuned...


easygoer2 said...

Just make sure you've got loads of chutney in the pantry for Dickie's visit, in case he wants a savoury accompaniment for his bacon. And I hope the photo of Joff and Merv Hughes going head-to-head and mo-to-mo appears in this slot shortly.

gerrysfanclub said...

Alright troops?Back tomorrow..
Anyone got any suggestions for the"new band" name?