Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mighty mares

Two blogs in one day. I'm spoiling you. Amateur psychiatrists among you will spot my avoidance tactics. Two features still to write, foals to identify and burn onto a CD and packing to do and, guess what, I'm arseing around on the internet. Oh, and I also pulled Milly's mane ahead of her first run tomorrow. Let's hope she's as bossy with Aidan O'Brien's four runners as she was with me this morning. Little monkey.

Anyway, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I was inspired by something Dickie posted on John's blog. He mentioned the fabulous Sunline. So sorry never to have seen her in the flesh but a feature in her prime when I was still at Pacemaker was enough to secure her a special place in my heart. What a brilliant racemare she was, let's hope she turns out to be a great broodmare, too.

So I am, herewith (War 'n' Place will like that word), starting a list of mighty mares. For personal reasons Desiree (pictured) is at the top and I would have to include this year's Burghley winner Headley Britannia but as for the good racing girls, here goes:

PRIDE (capital letters - she's worth it)
Dawn Run
Makybe Diva
Lady Rebecca
Soviet Song

Come on you bloggers and posters, let's have some more suggestions...


easygoer2 said...

Let's Elope
All Along ...

War'n'Place said...

Unbelievable - some serious omissions:

Lady Carla
Reams of Verse
Indian Skimmer
Oh So Sharp
Love Divine

I could go on.......

Stato-man said...

Carolynn Anderson
Dawn Laidlaw
Emma Candy
Catherine Hudson
Emma Collings and
Aisling O'Neill

Kentucky Wildcat said...

Yes i went AWOL. But now i am back ! The sales has brought many surprises and new horizons for the kitty to deal with ! It is nearly the Breeders' Cup here - all very exciting. I have enjoyed reading all of your blogs Emma and John's. Seems like a year has past since i was last blogging !

Missing all at BHS - see u in Tatts. Arrival date in NKT is 23rd November for a few days.


easygoer2 said...

Can a list of mighty mares include distaffers who didn't race beyond the age of three?

problemwalrus said...

Flower Child(no Desert Orchid without her)
Anaglogs Daughter
Rose Bowl
Indian Skimmer

Scotch Pie said...


Enough said.

gerrysfanclub said...

By Storm

Talk about serious omissions..