Monday, October 09, 2006

Another day, another sale

I can't work out from Stato's recent posting whether he's upset at the lack of new blogs or if KYWC has gone AWOL. Anyway, sorry SM, if it's the former, it's just these flaming sales don't stop coming at the moment.

Survived Tatts Oct Part 1 and Part 2 is swiftly upon us tomorrow. Lots of horses to look at and reports to write. Just can't wait to get on that plane bound for Melbourne. Apparently Glistening and Soulacroix left last night with Francesca Cumani for company on the long flight. Dickie, I trust you will make sure you show her the sights of your fair city?

Joli's entered up twice this week so fingers crossed he finally gets a run, having missed out by one for York on Saturday only to find there were five scratchings on the day. When are they going to get a grip and ditch 48-hour decs for good? It's just not working.

Will get back to blogging as soon as this week's over. Champions' day should be fun and fingers crossed we can find another one or two yearlings to keep Matilda company. The most important date for the diary this week is Joe McCarthy's memorial party in Holborn on Wednesday. Should be a good night. If only the great man was here to enjoy it with us.


ourthelma said...

It used to be so natural/
To talk about John Barker/
What-used-to-bes don't count anymore/
They just lay on the squash court floor 'til we sweep them away.

gerrysfanclub said...

I fancy joli aganist sir percy on saturday's champs day...what odds gerry?

gerrysfanclub said...

I fancy joli aganist sir percy on saturday's champs day...what odds gerry?

Stato-man said...

well I'm affraid it is the latter Emma - ie AWOL.
So Stato is grieving a bit because there was huge energy and promise to this one - for a while anyway.
Maybe you can arrange for Francesca can join us all in Melbourne when we have a big night out at Derbys, one of Wath's former stamping grounds here in Caulfield!
You'll be pleased to learn that there is a sale here in Melbourne while you are here! It is the Inglis ready to run sale for 2yos and I'm sure you will be refreshed enough to fire up for that one.
So how is Auntiehood going? are you getting clucky enough yet?

Shara said...

Hi Emma, I want to introduce you to