Sunday, September 24, 2006

Here, there and everywhere

It's been a while as we seem to have been rushing all over the place, so apologies for the blog silence. As you can see, Sarah's settled in and is vying for sofa space with Stan.

The week's highlight was undoubtedly the birth of my first niece, Madeleine Grace (pictured below), to my sister Lynn and brother-in-law Jake. She's due to come out of hospital today after a troublesome first few days on the planet. Mum and dad flew down from Scotland and stayed overnight with us so it was great to see them too. My youngest sister Zed sprung a surprise by telling us she is expecting her second child in April. Poor mum and dad didn't have any grandchildren when they moved to the Highlands last year and now they have two with another one waiting in the wings. Maybe they had a premonition...

Second top spot must go to Brief Goodbye but I'm sure John will cover his brilliant win on his page.

This week's unlikely to be much quieter as we're off down to Devon on Tuesday to take Desiree for a few months of intensive training with Christelle Durrant, a good friend of mine who also happens to be a superb event rider. It will be great to see her and her team of horses, especially my favourite old boy, the aptly-named Berry. We mustn't forget Dickie Old Chap, Christelle's husband, who gets a look-in only after the horses and dogs.

Next weekend should be fun, too, with planned trips to Ireland on Saturday for the last day of the Goffs sale, and to Paris on Sunday for the Arc, not to mention another five Group 1 races on the card. Might find time for some work in between all these trips.

I'm not going to mention last Thursday's lunch, involving some of the British racing press room's mightiest men (and women). Drinking all day is not big and not clever, but a huge thanks to the birthday boys, Musc and Banana, for picking up what must have been a hefty tab. Now, where did I put those Alka Seltzers...?


Stato-man said...

Congratulations on becoming an auntie again! Very happy for you and your family and I hope your sisters are all well.
Surely the drums are rolling for some action from you now.....

gerrysfanclub said...

drums?im sure jim will be happy to hear that...

easygoer2 said...

Now, these postings have put an idea in my head. A suggestion for the great double act - stato-man and gerrysfanclub? That would be a show to see. The social pages of the Horse & Hound would be sure to make that one a double-page spread.

Stato-man said...

make that a triple act if we can get KYWC out of the irish bars in Maryland and behind a pedestal mic. And the song - a meatloaf classic "two out of three ain't bad" (baby we can talk all night...but that ain't gettin us nowhere)

Stato-man said...

"You don't write me brahmas anymore" by SM and KYWC.
(alias Neil Diamond and Barbara Steisand)

you don't text me brahmas,
you don't write me love songs

I haven't heard from you for so long
and I wasn't too sure I was still on your mind

I remember when
you couldn't wait to blog me
used to hate to shut down
now I'm a lost soul late in the night...

well I know that I want
to thrill you tonight

well I just log on and
you would thrill me all night.
And you don't write me brahmas anymore

you were that fiesty wildcat
you had that spunky something
picture of you in my mind all day
then you just disappeared
like you were never there

Stato I remember
all that shite you would write

Then you turned cold on me
and found Trusty instead

So you still have your squash
and you've still got the WATH!

so you think you could say
just a few kinder words

you don't write me brahmas anymore

well you think you could say
just a few kinder words

you don't seem to miss me

KYWC says
you don't text me brahmas

STATO-MAN and KYWC says:
you don't send me flowers.......

(given the protagonists - thought this blog was far more appropriate entered in "unstable life"!)