Friday, September 01, 2006

Introducing Sarah

We decided we didn't have enough animals around the place so next Thursday we will be picking up Sarah, a greyhound that we have agreed to foster.

As you can see, she's absolutely beautiful and hails from the same rescue centre as Stan, Poplar Farm Kennels in Sutton Gault, Ely (for anyone looking for a dog, I would recommend looking at their website They always have lots of greyhounds and lurchers looking for homes).

Sarah was injured as a puppy so never raced and has had to undergo several operations on her femur which has left her with a bit of a limp and a wonky hip. She's pretty fast at the gallop though and runs rings round Stan.

She's a very friendly little dog and we can't wait for her to arrive. As long as the fostering period works out well for all concerned, we hope she'll become a permanent member of our family. Even Alice likes her.


Bananablogger said...

When you came in my life you changed my world
"My Sarah
Everything seemed so right my baby girl
My Sarah"

All together, now...

"You are all I want to know
You hold my heart so don't let go
You are all I need to live
My love to you I'll give ... My Sarah"

It'll be good for Stan to have someone about he can beat in a race.


Stato-man said...

Wait a minute baby...
Stay with me awhile
Said youd give me light
But you never told be about the fire

Drowning in the sea of love
Where everyone would love to drown
And now its gone
It doesnt matter anymore
When you build your house
Call me home
oooh ooooh're the poet in my heart
Never change, never stop
And now its gone
It doesnt matter what for

Commander Collings said...

Enough already with the Sarah lyrics. I'm changing her name to Antidisestablishmentarianism.

Stato-man said...

Good idea. It is far less human a name and rolls off the tongue better.

Which leads one to start questioning the need to keep acquiring more animals in the stable - wouldn't it now be the time to start producing some new human beings?
Surely you're both not that busy ?

Commander Collings said...

We're waiting for a lead from you and KYWC!

Stato-man said...

Naah - you shouldn't need any trendsetters - get into it you two and let's get the family thing happening in this stable.