Thursday, August 31, 2006

Vying for cyberspace

I thought it was about time I started a blog war, so here goes.

In order to make you read my diary rather than John's, I promise to keep it short (well, sometimes) and I will ensure that the feared web administrator (he/she who must be obeyed) does not mess with any of Dickie's posts. And I feel sure, once he sees this pic of Carolynn and your diarist scrubbed up and in our finery for Anna's fabulous wedding a few weeks ago, he's going to have several brahmas (or should that be brahmae? Don't worry, John will correct me) to spout forth with.

Nothing much to say today other than welcome to my own tiny corner of cyberspace. Rain stopped play on my visit to Aston Upthorpe to photograph foals and to drop in on the lovely Mtoto so I'm sitting at my desk, supposedly catching up on a boring backlog of admin.

John's gone to see an Averti yearling which we very much hope will be joining the stable so I'm looking forward to his return and hearing all about it. But, for now, it's back to the books. See, I told you I'd keep it brief.


BBF said...

This is fantastic!! Very happy to be able to read 2 lots of diary postings now, although my employer may be less impressed given my reduction in productivity!! I think we need more pics attached to each diary entry (but please none of a certain employee currently sunning in Crete!!!)

Emma Collings said...

I agree. I've already warned the fearsome WA that no pics of Jim semi-naked shall make it onto these hallowed pages. Even typing it has put me right off my digestive biscuit.

easygoer2 said...

There'd be one school of thought (or school of lack of thought) which would deem the plural to be brahma's.

Like the photo of the sheila's having a mighty time. One can almost hear Crunchy Granola Suite blaring out in the background.

joff said...

Congrats on going live Em! With your concise, news-pictorial approach, John's gonna have his hands full.
Let the hit-fest begin!

lestertoo said...

Like the blog, Emma. Reading it has brightened up the day here in Crete. Everything's very expensive, but that isn't too big a problem as we aren't spending any money.

The girls don't seem very happy, but I'm having a nice time. It would be better if Gerry were here, though. We could go down the naturist beach together - now that would make a good picture for your photo gallery!!

Scotch Pie said...

Don't we scrub up well?

Kentucky Wildcat said...

You girls sure do! How long did you spend in the salon?!