Saturday, September 01, 2012

Visiting hour

This will be a much shorter post that the way too long and emotional one from earlier this week. Just had to get it off my chest and thanks to everyone who has sent good wishes to Panto since reading it.

He seems really settled at the National Stud now and was treated to a visit from Louise, Sam and Chris (pictured) from Newmarket Equine Hospital, who dropped by to see him during their lunch hour. They got to know him pretty well during his month-long stay and it was really lovely of them to come by to see how he's getting on. 

Panto was delighted to see them, particularly as Louise had brought a bag of carrots with her. Louise is on the left of Panto in the photo and she has plenty of experience with racehorses having worked for Jenny Pitman, then Mark Pitman. She used to ride, among others, the Scottish National winner Run For Paddy, and her love for horses is clear to see in the way she looks after the various patients that come her way at NEH.

I'm really lucky that Panto has moved from one great team to another. Cassie is overseeing his recuperation at the National Stud and she and her colleagues are doing a brilliant job. He's a pretty high-maintenance inmate compared to the racehorses he is stabled alongside, most of whom are there just for a break from training. His one saving grace is that he has good stable manners and I've been really pleased to hear that he's been immaculately behaved, both at the NEH and the National Stud.

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