Monday, April 02, 2007

Quote of the day... awarded to John Ryan, whom we bumped into at the Links this morning while Tom Greenway was schooling Lady Suffragette. Tom was also schooling Royal Sailor for John R, who gave him a lead on Air Guitar. On pulling up and being congratulated on his horse's jumping, the irrepressible Mr Ryan said: "I've still got it, I just can't always remember where to find it."

Both of John R's horses looked really well and jumped brilliantly and may be worth looking out for when they run at Huntingdon on Easter Monday.


HSH The Archduke of Pinza said...

Going from the state of him the saturday before last John Ryan probably left it in the horseshoes pub!!!

House Of Fraser said...

That place has got a lot to answer for!!!!

fiddlerselbow said...

Yes,some very dubious clientelle.